For Match Program referrals, you must call the LRS office to qualify. Call 512-472-8303 (in Austin) or toll free 866-303-8303. The lawyers who participate on the Match Program are not listed on this web site. These referrals will not be made on-line.

The Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas administers the Match Program. The program provides reduced-fee legal services to those with a modest income who may not be able to afford regular legal fees. The Match Program is currently available for family law matters, guardianship cases, and drafting simple wills.

We do not provide free legal services.

Match Program lawyers are private-practicing lawyers who have agreed to consider accepting Match Program referrals at reduced rates.


A Lawyer Referral Service telephone intake counselor will screen you to determine if you qualify under the Match Program income guidelines and to explain the legal fees involved. Be prepared to provide income information from all sources. If you are referred to a lawyer, that lawyer will further screen you during the initial consultation or meeting to determine if you qualify. The lawyer is under no obligation to accept your case, and you have no obligation to hire him/her to represent you.

If you do not qualify for the Match Program, we will try to refer you to another community service agency or legal services provider who may be able to assist you.


You will be charged a $20.00 fee, a consultation fee, for the first 30-minute meeting with the lawyer. You will explain your situation and the lawyer will explain potential costs. Consider the first consultation a mutual interview--you explain what you need to have done and the lawyer will evaluate the next steps and explain legal fees. This is a time to evaulate your situation.


Match Program lawyers charge for all legal work done. This is not a free service. If you decide to hire the lawyer to represent you, he/she will require a deposit in advance--a retainer. The retainer is a deposit the lawyer requests in order to begin working on your case. The amount of the retainer will depend on the complexity of your case. Please request that the lawyer provide you with a written fee agreement before starting work on you case.


Write a list of question before your meeting with the lawyer. Remember you are paying for the time with the lawyer so it is best to be prepared. Any questions involving your case should be directed to your lawyer.

If you have any questions regarding the Match Program policies and administration, please call the Lawyer Referral Service at 512-472-8303. These referrals cannot be made without screening through the LRS office. Match Program referrals cannot be made through this site.

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